Friday, June 11, 2010

The Urchins

The boys are growing in leaps and bounds! Justin is now 10 and is out of school next week for the summer. He can hardly wait. He will spending some time with us the end of June. Big fun awaits us all!

Jacob is now 2 and he is going through that period where he seems to always be tripping over his own feet. A split lip, a bump on the head, leg caught in a slid and sprained his knee and foot, scraped knees....poor little guy. But he just gets up and keeps going!

This happened today! Callie has already been trying to pull herself up on things to stand, and also trying to figure out how to get on her feet to stand while she is on the floor crawling. I stood her at the end of the bed, and she held on to the wood frame and she stood there by herself. then she let go with one hand and remained standing on her own. she amazes us! She's such a strong little girl.

Callie eating yogurt. Gotta love that face!

This makes David and I smile and laugh - she is so cute when she is eating. She reminds us of a baby bird. Open beak stuff food in!

Vegetable Garden Happennigs

Our shared garden with Theresa and Shawn is doing very well! The late rains and cooler temperatures were great for the leafy green vegetables. Here is some lettuce picked tender

The arugula is growing crazy good and it tastes so it!

The spinach has been doing really good too. I think it is a bit bitter raw in salad, but delicious cooked. so beautifully green....

There have also been a ton of radishes as well. So looking for everything else to be ready to pick and eat!

When Everything Falls Into Place

It's been many months since I have posted here. The biggest thing that has changed in my life is that I have become a Soldier's Angel. I have been looking for the right volunteer work for me since moving to this area 10 years ago. Soldier's Angels is the perfect fit for me!

I have 3 official adopted soldiers, 1 unofficial, and I write letters and cards to many. I have become "pen pals" with many of them as well. I also send one time care packages to many and of course I send a couple of them a month to my adopted.

To give you an idea of the work I have have done - in the past 49 days I have sent 37 care packages, 457 letters, and100 plus cards. I have heard form so many of out deployed heros and enjoy getting to know them through letters. Ecven email someitmes for those in better living condition areas.

It's intersting when you find the missing link in your life, how all the rest of it comes together. Healthier lifestyle changes not a struggle anymore. This is what has been msising in my life, and I am so glad that I learned about this organization. It has rounded out my life.

If you are interseted in being an angel to our deployed, wounded and veterans, check out this amazing organization at There is such a need out there. At lfirst I wonder if they really care about the lettersand packages I send, and then the letters and emails started coming in --"thank you for taking the time to write someone you do not know..." or "I felt like a kid on Christmas when I received your package...," "thank you for keeping me company...." "Thank you for writing me, I really enjoyed reading your letter......"

Family and friends - if you would like to help me with my work, please send me an email or leave a meessage here, and I will tell you how you can do that.
Love to you all, and I will try and kleep my blog up better!