Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Young Ones Moments

Justin of the jungle.......
Jacob meets Hula for the first time. He was afraid and not happy.

Big brother protected him and tried to help him learn Hula wouldn't hurt him.

Hee, I'm so funny opening and slamming closed the kitchen cabinet doors!

Sometimes it takes a lot of concentration.....

He was pleased I found him funny. (Man in this picture he looks like his Grandma Linda)

hmmmmm, what are these little rubber things on each door?

Miss Callie Rose - she is getting so big! You would never know she was a preemie!

Shortcakes - aka Poopie is quite the protective one when it comes to baby's. He was not going to be far from Callie in case she needed him. He was this way with Jacob when he was a baby as well.

Too cute. Poopie stayed there until Callie woke up and flung her arms at him and clunked him on the top of the head!


txpurplerose34 said...

Oh, Diane, I do love these pictures of the whole family of children. The boys are a delight, and Callie Rose has grown so. Poopie is a protector though I imagine he didn't appreciate being bopped on the head. Did Jacob and Hula ever make up? Hugs, Vaden

Theresa said...

hahahha, to funny, poor poopie.

Hula said...

woof, i hope you come play with me thanksgiving, Jacob. i will try to be nice..