Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Super Star

Callie is doing so well and seems to be growing in leaps and bounds and making new changes. As Theresa reports she is getting chubby cheeks and filled our arms and legs. she has a Doctor appointment Monday so we learn then just how much she has changed. She can also move her head up and down when she is having tummy time on the floor. when holding her on your shoulder, she can turn her head side to side.

OMG this hat cracks me up. She looks like a fashionista elf!

I see both Shawn and Theresa in this shot.

Wowzers! She is strong enough to sit in her swing now. Very exciting!

Play time in her pastel wonderland.

Comfy, cozy and asleep in her car seat. I am almost recovered from the flu, then I am going to get my hands on this little heaven-sent doll!

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