Saturday, October 17, 2009

Time with Jen and Her Family

Spent 3 days baby sitting Jacob during the day while Jen and John were at work. Really enjoyed the one on one time with him, and the time spent with Justin, Jen and John later in the day. I ended up having to leave 2 days early though (late Friday afternoon) because I became ill. Seems to be a normal type cold/flu at this point. I missed Justin's last football game of the season (they made it to the play-offs!) and a grilling party. I just hope I didn't get anyone else sick in the family.
Jacob feeds himself with a fork and spoon now.

Open wide.....
Oh I love ravioli and green beans!
And look! I also can drink my milk out of a cup without a sippy top. I am growing up in leaps and bounds.
Jacob playing catch with Gram Gram.

Justin eating chips and salsa at Casa Baeza.

Jacob eating his refried beans.

This soup doesn't look like much but it is so delicious.

A Jacob look .

This picture is a bit blurry but I had to post it anyway. Look at this pose he did. He saw the camera, stopped pushing his truck, put his hand on his hip and looked right at me. He is too funny!

Thumbs up!

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txpurplerose34 said...

What a wonderful array of pix of Jacob. I especially love the red sauced face :) :). He is a delight, and I know you so enjoyed staying with him. Jus is growing up; glad his team made the playoffs. Sorry for the devastation at the your home, but at least your roof didn't blow off. I can imagine that the winds were as close to a hurricane as you can get inland. I, for one, hate the wind and simply want to get under a bed when they blow here. Take care of your self. Love, hugs, GAV