Monday, December 7, 2009

Annual Holiday Party 2009

Dill dip with crudites

Cucumber rounds with boursin, smoked salmon and fresh dill

Stuffed eggs
Sweet and sour sausges and picadillo served with torilla scoops

Meatballs in an oriental sauce

Sarah and me
David and Fran
Verona, Paulette, Rose, Barbara, Me, AnnaJean
Bill, Dave, Doris

John and Justin
Bon and Derek


Me and Dyan


Dom, Bob, Kathy and Cathy

Lindsey and Bill

Diana, Wayne, Jen and Dyan

Katrina, Jo, Shawn, Fred, Callie and Theresa

Honey, Sharon, Jim, Bill, Bob

Jen and Jacob

Bob and Kathy

Wayne's turn in the wine exchange

Kathy and Theresa
Cathy, Me and Kathy - the best of friends
Derek and Me

Jen and Dyan

Wayne and Diana

Jeff and Kelli
Sarah, Santa (aka Dom) and Me
Me, Wayne and Diana

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Eileen and Stan said...

Your party looked spectacular! Everyone certainly appears to be having a grand time. Merry Christmas to all!