Friday, February 12, 2010

Decorated Sugar Cubes

These are so simple to make and a pretty addition to tea tables, bridal or baby showers, or for any special occasion. The small sugar flowers are available at cake shops in a variety of colors. It makes it easy to coordinate the color of flower to the color theme you are using. For example use red flowers to decorate the sugar cubes for Christmas time.
Simply buy sugar cubes, and sugar flowers of your choice. Mix powdered sugar with a tiny bit of water to make an edible paste. Place a dab of the sugar paste on top of a sugar cube, place the sugar flower on top, and push to secure to sugar cube. stand until hardened. store in an air-tight container.
To gift these, I purchase little gold boxes with clear plastic tops that will hold a dozen sugar cubes. Tie with pretty ribbon, and they make a great homemade hostess gift.

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