Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

I decided this year to set up a small table for two in front of the fireplace to eat our Valentine's Day dinner.

I brought out my Mom and Dad's silverware to make the table settings special.

Small candles clustered to set the romantic and cozy mood.

Fun champagne flutes paired with crystal wine glasses.

Our side was roasted asparagus served at room temperature topped with shavings of reggiano-parmagiano. I garnished the asparagus with baby heirloom lettuce leaves.

The entree was lemon pasta with shrimp. David raved over it and even asked to have the leftovers for dinner tonight. David doesn't usually like to eat leftovers, so that says a lot. We had a nice bottle of red.

I'm looking forward to the leftovers tonight as well.

As the table looked when we were ready to sit down and enjoy our meal and each other.

David loves dark chocolate brownies, so I baked some earlier in the day. In over-sized margarita glasses I scooped some vanilla bean ice cream. Placed two brownies halves standing up around ice cream. Topped with dark chocolate syrup and fresh raspberries we were in chocolate heaven. (The raspberries made it healthy, right?)
I hope that everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. To my family and friends, I love you all.


Jen said...

Everything looks absolutely incredible Mom!!! I hope to get some pics on FB tomorrow. Your table, by the fireplace, was so romantic!!!

Sarah said...

Absolutely incredible! You inspire me to collect more dishes so I can make great table-scapes.

Dinner looks really good.

David, eating leftovers??? WOW!

Sonia said...

Beautiful table and the shrimp and pasta looks delicious! Looking forward to getting the recipe!

It all looks so romantic!

Sarah....when the bug bites, it is hard to resist....I told Anthony last night that when I got myself better organized (I have dishes in 4 different places!) that I wanted to take pics of all the different combinations of table settings I could come up with.....He said, Oh, Mom, that would take a year!

AmericanKnitter said...

That asparagus looks divine! Yum!

Diane said...

Sonia I have a feeling you are even worse than I am about collecting dishes and glasses! It is fun and addicting Sarah. Once you get started, well there is always somethign else that catches your eye and imagination!I need to find more fabric and different types of tableclothes. Mostly I have solid colors. Thanks for the comments. It was really cozy and romantic in front of the fireplace. And so simple to do which was nice too. I enjoyed doing it, and David really was touched and into it, which made it even nicer.