Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Day Moments 2009

Santa came!!

He and his reindeer were hungry and thirsty too!

Christmas morning coffee. Oops!jen forgot to put the carafe in the coffee maker. The adults weren't tired!

I think Jacob is going to like Santa coming every year.

John playing with Justin's skaeboard Wii game.

Ponsettia's; Prosecco (champagne or sparkling wine), cranberry juice and triple sec.

Grandma Linda and Grandpa Bob

David, John, Jen, Justin, Me and Jacob

Bob, Linda, Jen, Jacob, Justin and John

Jen's Christmas dinner table

Caesar salad with creamy dressing and bacon

The prime rib, was it delicious!

Lots of whole garlic cloves stuffed between the bones and the meat

Ready for the table......

My plate.

Jacob ate ice cream for dinner. Hey, it's Christmas!

Jacob LOVED the flying helicopter Justin got from cousins Erin, Rob, steven and Mackenzie. He would just laugh in delight when it landed, and squeal as it flew through the air. He's pointing up to it.

Laughing in dlight as he watches the helicopter fly around the living room
Jen rocking Guitar Hero.

Yeah Baby

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