Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Eve Moments 2009

Some guys made a ice skating rink on part of the pond and played hockey on it the next day.
Jacob is entralled with Great Grandpa George's train and town, which now belongs to Justin.

EXCELLENT cabernet sauvignon. mmmmmmm

Justin welded this statue with Grandpa Bob's guidance. How cool is it?!

Jacob loves the remote control car from cousins Erin, Rob, steven and Mackenzie.

Playing with blocks from Granddad and Gram Gram.

Justin wove this basket for his parents in school.

Blocks are getting taller and taller - go Jake!

Justin and a nutcracker form Granddad and Gram Gram. Jus loves nutcrackers.

The ship form Great Uncle Ron and Great auntie Deb. Justin loved putting it together and the giant octopus that came with it.

Jacob playing police chase, the siren was blarring.

John gave Jen Guitar Hero 5. She really rocks it. The rest of us not so much. Though Granddad did pretty good.

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