Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Day with Jacob

Jen and John needed to do some things at Jen's Dad's house Friday so they dropped Jacob off earl yin the morning. Granddad David set the train up for him. He spent the first part of the morning laughing as he watched the train go round and round and tried to feed all the cats some of his Jr. cheese puffs.

He thought the tunnel Granddad created with a dining room chair was fun.

I know this is where you turn the train on and off. When I wasn't looking, he turned the speed all the way up. The sound it made and how fast the train went scared him. He left the controls alone after that. Smart boy.

Sharing Poopie's water with him. Ugh!

Jacob then decided he wanted to rearrange my walk-in pantry. He has good taste; he started with the Ghiradelli and Scharfen Berger baking chocolate shelf.

He loves to arrange things. Also put things into a bowl, then take them out and stack them. then repeat, repeat, repeat. he spent a lot of time pouring miniature marshmallows from plastic cup to plastic cup as well.

Zooming around the house on his race car with his favorite blankie.

We took a walk to the park, and then we walked over to Auntie Theresa's house where we played out in her big backyard with Hula the pug, and Jacob had fun inside with a wind chime and Uncle Shawn's telescope. Well, looking At the telescope, not through it at this point. (I was not good at snapping pictures this time around.)

I was lagging taking pictures, and Jacob stopped and waited for me. He is too sweet. The day went by way too quickly.


Sarah said...

Looks like a great day!!

txpurplerose34 said...

Great day...great photos! Glad you have your new pc up and running! Love you, Auntie Vaden