Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Benedizone (Blessing)

I went with Theresa this afternoon to visit Callie in the NICU. Below is Theresa changing Callie's diaper while she is in her protective space. There is a routine when TC arrives - which includes taking Callie's temperature.

I was able to hold Callie through her feeding - the tiny tube goes through her nose and right into her stomach. (It stays there all the time) The other end of the itsy bitsy tube (no exaggeration) connects to a machine that dispenses her food. (Theresa pumps her breast milk)

Okay, so I talked Callie's ear off, (and they are the tiniest little ears I have ever seen, so sweet) but she enjoyed it, looking up at me with open eyes part of the time. I had so much I wanted to tell her - that I love her, and that she is my little sweetheart and how much fun we are going to have together over the years. That she can always count on me and Grandad. What surprised me is how social she actually is, and though she was very comfy, happy to be eating and most of the time sucking on a pacifier (she was sucking - has that down good and breathing all at the same time. A+) she kept fighting to open her eyes, wanting to be part of what was happening. Very alert. She sure knows her Mommy's voice.

Below is a good shot of me talking away. Missed seeing her eyes open in this shot and looking at me. She was listening to my voice. She is such a content little girl.

Seeing the pacifier in her mouth you can tell just how tiny she really is. The nurse did say that she is scheduled to have her IV removed at 2 AM tonight (tomorrow). Woohoo! The IV is on top of her right hand and she was holding the top of the plastic with her left hand while I was holding her. I put my index finger there for her to hold instead and she latched on. She is quite strong. One point I tried to move my hand and she wouldn't allow it. There is nothing like your grandchild , or child, holding on to your finger with their tiny little hands. First moments of bonding. Such joy.

This shot really shows how tiny she is. Look at her fingers. They are so long! It appears she is going to be tall like her Daddy. In fact right now, she looks a lot like him. She is so light that when you hold her, weight-wise you are not even aware you are holding something, She loves to cuddle into you and feel your hands on her and know she is close to you. She is doing so well with her food - this afternoon she was up to 33 ml and just yesterday she was increased to 26 ml. She's a hungry growing girl. Like all babies, she lost some weight but she already started gaining it back.
BTW, it's all in the wrists................


Sarah said...

Ah! So cute!

txpurplerose34 said...

Oh, how I wish I were there to hold her, too. She is small and beautiful! Love, Vaden