Saturday, August 22, 2009

Introducing Our Granddaughter Callie Rose

With a surprise early arrival today Callie Rose weighed in at 4.6 pounds and estimated at 17 inches long. Mommy Theresa and Callie are both doing fine. Callie was due to arrive by doctors calculations on October 16. We were there with Theresa today joining Theresa's mother and step-dad Dick. Carolyn and Shawn were with her when she gave birth to Callie. Carolyn snapped some pictures, and later in the day was able to see Callie in the ICU and snapped a few more. Thanks to Carolyn for these shots to share with you. David and I will be seeing Callie for the first time tomorrow morning. We are very excited to introduce ourselves to her. We thank God that both Mommy and Callie are doing so well.

Callie and Theresa right after Callie was born.

Shots of Callie in the ICU later this afternoon.


Jen said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Mom! Callie looks gorgeous (and like she has a good set of lungs!!!) and Theresa looks radiant!

Anonymous said...

Well surprise surprise surprise!

I'll bet that puts everything in high gear at her house now eh?

Glad all went well...

Mazal Tov!!

That's a sweet name.


Eileen and Stan said...

Congratulations! How exciting to have a new grandchild to spoil. Glad mom and baby are doing well.

txpurplerose34 said...

Ah, Diane, thank you for sharing all these great photos and information. Agree that she looks to have a good set of lungs. Theresa just looks loving and beautiful. Keep us updated. Much love with hugs as always, Auntie Vaden and Uncle Arlen