Sunday, March 29, 2009

Moments at Home

Happy bunnies on our dining table awaiting Easter.

We have been having beautiful warm (79 yesterday) spring weather this week and the garden though overgrown from last year still, has come to life.

We are looking forward to going to Truckee next weekend for 3 days to celebrate Jacob and Justin's birthday's and thanks to Jen and John we will be spending a few nights at the Boomtown hotel in Nevada. I am looking forward to time away from the house and I can handle a little gambling and good times too.
It is hard to believe Jacob will be 1 year old already and Justin 9!

We'll have all the kids and grands for Easter which we are looking forward to. It's always nice having them home for a visit.
I love daffodils. Tulips are my very favorite. The tulips are just about to burst open. I can't wait!

The garden brings us much peace and good times.

Today though sunny and blue skies the wind is blowing hard and has cooled the temperature down to the low 60's.

Here's Poopie watching over Scruffy from the stairs who is sleeping in the dining room.

David giving Scruffy some love who is under the dining room table.

Scruffy in his favorite place these days; wherever the sun is coming in from a window. It might be hard to see in this picture, but from the dehydration his fur parts all over instead of laying down smoothly.

Wherever Scruffy ends up laying down is where we move a water bowl and a litter box so he can get to them using very few steps. We also set up his special bed with the heating pad under it.

The IV bag. I now call it the dreaded IV bag. I know Scruffy dreads it and seeing him upset makes me dread it too.

His skin is so tight from dehydration that today there was barely any skin David could grab up and make a tent/pocket with to put the IV needle in. Scruffy cried and tried getting up. He was not at all happy to have it done again, and I think it hurt him because of the very tight skin. Poor little big guy.

As you see we did give him the IV while he was on the floor this time. It was easier to keep him there when he tried to use whatever strength he could muster up to get away. I really do not believe Scruffy is happy, and it does not appear anyway that the treatments are doing much for him. There are moments of positive changes, like he sat up Friday, or taking 4 or 6 steps instead of one or two before he lays on the floor because he can't hold himself up any longer, yet all of these moments are short lived. I do not see what I call a quality life starting to happen. We talk to Charlotte our cats Vet tomorrow again. We will see what she thinks with his progress after a week of treatments.
I do hope this post does not sound as zombie-like as I feel today. Sleepless nights do catch up with you!

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Sarah said...

The yard looks great and you are ready for Easter.

I hope Scruffy feels better.