Friday, March 20, 2009

Progress at Theresa and Shawns House

Things have been happening at Theresa and Shawn's house. The plantation shutters were installed yesterday. They look great as you will see in the following pictures. A wonderful choice I think. There has been a lot of painting going on as well. As Theresa and Shawn have been hard at work, their friend Don has been painting rooms inside the house. As you view the pictures, please keep in mind there are still move-in and working messes that normally wouldn't be there.

A beautiful tone of blue in the master bedroom. Definitely a coastal feel.

The shutters on the sliders look terrific.

Their new washer and dryer and tangerine walls in the laundry room.

The main living areas of the house and hallway are painted yellow.

The family room - a work in progress. Love the telescope.

She used the tangerine in an interesting way to bring it into this part of the house.

This is my favorite spot in their house so far. I love how Theresa created this wonderful memory booking area for herself in the main part of the house. It is in what was designed as a living room combination with the dining room. In most of the models in our community this area is small and really useless. Ours included. We don't use it as living room space either. She created a great useable space.

We can't help but be spoiling grandparents. We brought over a few gifts for baby for the new parents-to-be.


txpurplerose34 said...

The house is beautiful, and I shall be shopping! Love, Vaden

Jen said...

The house sure looks nice! I hope to see it in person soon!

Erin said...

What a relaxing feeling for the bedroom with the blue. I like the yellow and tangarine in the main living areas. It looks very cheery.