Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snapshots of the Week

Our cat Scruffy is really a character. He loves to sneak into the dryer after I have taken a load of clothes out of it and I am off folding the clothes and not paying attention. He makes us laugh a lot. I am waiting for the day I close him in not realizing he is in there!

Ah, so nice and warm.

No, I need to find a more comfortable position.


I love tulips and when I see orange ones I have a hard time not buying them. They always bring sunshine into the house for me.

These are one of my favorites edged with yellow.

This weeks produce delivery box was stuffed full. There were also potatoes I forgot to place for the picture. It will be fun coming up with ways to use the vegetables. I forgot to tell them no more collard greens and received some. I had told them no kale but I received some, but then they also put in some arugala in its place.

I love a good sale, especially at Sur la Table online. I purchsed these baker/servers from Italy.

I had a glass gravy boat I loved and it cracked from heat last year if you can believe. This white one is prefect and the very low price was great!


Sarah said...

Nice photos of Scruffy!

The cookery looks really nice.

Jen said...

Scruffy is a Hoot and a Half!!! Too awesome! I love it!!! Who is the produce delivery again? I know you mentioned it before, but I thought maybe I would check in my area and see if that is available here, but I am not sure how to look for it! I am trying to add those veggies (fresh) and it seems like a great thing to do! Sur la jealous :-)

Diane said...

Jen there is most likely a company like the one I use for the produce delivery in your area. I use Farm Fresh to You. Their web site address is the same, no spaces. Winter isn't the best time of year because there are a lot of greens we are not crazy about. I can imagine how spring and summer will be though! Fall too.