Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Trip To Galt to Dee's Meats

One thing we had missed up this way is a good butchers. Remember Petrini's in the Bay Area? Now that was meat and they would cut what you wanted as well. Of course there is Dreager's in the Bay Area too which we miss their meat market. We do have Corti Brothers downtown which as a pretty good meat market and there is a very high end market that also has a butcher but with no prices shown in their butcher case! No thank you, I am not buying anything that isn't marked. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to learn from our friends last year around this time of Dees Meat market, a privately owned business. Fabulous meats and poultry and he corns his own tri tip and beef round for this time of the year. It melts in your mouth, even the round which is more lean. though it does take longer to cook than the tri tip. We were off to Dee's this morning to pick up corned beefs.

David my driver for the trip. We always enjoy the drive since we go through areas that make us happy we live where we do. Beautiful.

David and I enjoyed talking as we took in the view along the way.

Everything is so green and lush right now, and the sky so blue and the sun shinning.

Lots of dairy cows, many resting in the shade of trees.

The creeks are full and beautiful to look at.

We arrive all too soon, but we are looking forward to finding what we came for.

Dee also makes up his own spice packets to add to the cooking water for the meat. I like to mix some ale or beer in with the water when cooking as well. I got that trick from my friend Barbara.

We picked up 3 corned beef rounds since we will be having it when the kids are all here as well as the grandsons for Easter weekend. David wanted to be sure we bought some for ourselves to have at other times too. We also bought one corned beef tri tip to try. Dee said the tri tip which we haven't had before are even more tender than the beef round. They must really be something!

We were trying to decide which one to have tonight for dinner; a small beef round or the small tri tip. We couldn't decide and started laughing. David started snapping pictures. Here I am trying to get an answer from David- the tri tip or the round?

I pick up the round and ask, this one? I thought we had decided on this one. However the decision changed once more to the tri tip. So that is what we will be having tonight, along with carrots, small red potatoes (David's favorite) and cabbage (my favorite). Dee gave us 2 free heads of cabbage. Very nice of him. We made a stop at a statue and fountain place near Dee's afterwards that offer wholesale prices to their costumers. They are just starting up their business. They had a few things that caught my eye but I left them where I saw them. A very nice morning out and about in the sunshine with my hubby.


Sarah said...

Looks like some nice meat! I like your outfit!

Jen said...

I love your outfit too! The drive looks so pretty; everything was so green! I can't wait to try the corned beef! We sure love it in this household and Dee's sounds GREAT!