Friday, May 1, 2009

Food and Art Happenings

I used some of the fresh Meyer lemon juice and peel I have in the freezer and made sorbet the other day.
Simple in my ice cream maker. I made a simple syrup and made sure to keep it in the fridge over night (2 cups water to 2 cups sugar) to get very cold. I added a tablespoon of finely minced Meyer lemon zest and 1 1/2 cups fresh juice to the simple syrup. The juice and zest were chilled as well. Poured into my ice cream maker and let it run for about 55 minutes. Place in n airtight container and freeze until hardened.

It is really good. The zest really gives it an added lemon kick.

Sunday I attended a luncheon and silent auction of an art guild my friend Averill is President of. Our special group of ladies went together and had a great time,. There was a wonderful fashion show by three different stores and drawings throughout the day as well. Lots of big fun and I wasn't out bid on 2 of the 4 items I was trying for. I will have to snap pictures and post them .

The luncheon was at the Spaghetti Factory in Roseville. The very nicest Spaghetti Factory any of us have eve been to.

Some of the items in the silent auction.

They were set to roll.

Most of the items were hand painted, though there was also some sewn items and handmade jewelry.

I did get the Easter lady bunny you see in this picture. It is made out of a dried gourd. It's too cute.


Jen said...

I sure miss the Old Spaghetti Factory...I love the spaghetti with Mizithra cheese! Mmmm! It looked like a fun day! Your sorbet looks yummy!

Sarah said...

I am envious of the fresh fruit and veggies over at Theresa's!! Your sorbet looks tummy and the auction a lot of fun!