Monday, May 18, 2009

Moments in Truckee

The beginning of last week we went up Jen's way with friends Verona and Bill. We spent the day with John, Jen and the kids the day we drove up. Here's Jacob at the restaurant we all had lunch at in historic downtown Truckee. He was just too cute.

We were playing with an eye glass case Verona gave Jacob to play with. We were pushing it back and forth to one another like it was a race car.

When we got back to the house Justin came home form school. Here's Jacob playing with Spikey Girl, Justin's guinea pig.

Jacob playing and stopping to pose each time I raised the camera. I am not kidding. He does stops and smiles toward the camera!

Okay, one more time Gram-Gram!

and again.........

It's hard to stop snapping pictures of my little one.

Justin's friend came over after school. Can I remember her name? Nope. She is a real sweet girl.

Jus wrapping Spikey Girl up like a burrito.

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Erin said...

Jacob is darling. I love his shirt! It looks like a nice visit.