Sunday, May 3, 2009

Garden Happenings this Week

We picked up a couple of bird of paradise plants, cala lilies, Dahlia and peony bulbs, and a few other items for our garden.

Roses in the garden.

Dahlias coming up left from last year. We planted more in this pot and another pot on the patio.

Peach colored rose.

Peace rose.

Reba Macintyre rose.

Pink rose.

The George Burns rose. Looks like a carnation doesn't it?

Planted some chives next to the thyme and sweet basil pots outside the kitchen slider.

Another rose.

This miniature rose Theresa gave us when we first moved into this house 8 years ago. It is always healthy and full of blooms. Love the yellow/orange brightness of it.

My neighbor Deborah gave me sweet pea seedlings a few years ago. They came back this year. I love surprises in my garden!

One of the bird of paradise plants we put in a pot at the entrance area to the spa.

Another new plant we put in the ground.

The hydrangeas are budding!


African Kelli said...

wow! These are so beautiful. Nicely done!

Deb said...

What beautiful roses. It was a mini-version of the Portland Rose Garden :) I love all your plants too!