Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day #1 - Brunch

We went to The Pilothouse Restaurant on the Delta King for Mother's Day Brunch this morning. Vaden and Arlen gifted us with a gift certificate for 2 brunches quite a while ago. So thank you both for the wonderful brunch! It's a gorgeous day here in the Sacramento area - sun, clear blue skies, temp's in the mid 80's and not a breeze, even on the water.

The Delta King is a 285 foot river boat that was built in 1927 along with it's twin The Delta Queen. Both did daily voyages between San Francisco and Sacramento until the late 1930's. A state room cost $3.50! The Depression and WWII signaled the end of the stern wheeler era and both were drafted into the US Navy. They served on the SF Bay as net tenders, floating barracks, troop transports and hospital ships.

The Delta Queen was purchased and moved to the Mississippi River where she still is. The Delta King engines were taken with her for spare parts. The Delta King was shuttled between CA and Canada as a derelict. They hoped to make it a floating Ghiradelli Square or something similar but never worked out. It sank in the SF Bay. In 1984 it was brought up and towed to Old Sac and a complete renovation was done. It reopened in 1989.

It's our favorite place in this area to have champagne brunch. The atmosphere both inside and out is beautiful and the laden buffet tables, omelet stations and carving tables offer very good food.

There were so many people who made reservations that they also set up tables outside as well. We were asked if we wanted to sit out there and said no. Once we saw that there wasn't a breeze and you were in the shade we thought it would have been a very nice place to enjoy our brunch.

David enjoying the view while I am snapping pictures.

I am a happy Mom.

My amazing husband. We had a lovely time, but I missed my mother, our kids and grand kids. I remembered how we would all get together and have brunch for Mother's Day and other occasions. Those were very special times. We will be seeing Jen and her family tomorrow which we are excited about, and we did see Theresa and Shawn this afternoon. (Garden pics to come.) Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's!


txpurplerose34 said...

We agree the Delta King is a delightful place for brunch for any and all special occasions. It is a charming old boat with a checkered history -- as you reminded me. Eating outside when there is no wind is most pleasant; we have done it once in the evening. You two look happy! Glad your day went so well. Love and hugs, Vaden

Jen said...

It looks like a wonderful brunch! Maybe next year we can do brunch together....I so loved our day with Nana and Grandpa on the boat too! Such fun and great food!!!