Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother Day #2 Sights

After brunch while waiting for the valet to get our van I snapped some pictures of the old historic buildings, and all the people and cars. It was a madhouse in Old Sac today.

Interesting history about Old Sac. It flooded terribly all the time. In 1862 they actually started working on raising the street level by one building floor! Some building owners jacked their building up and built a basement underneath, some left the first floor underground and built a second story onto what was the original second story and now the first story. Others left the first floor buried, and the second story became the first and they left it that way. When you roam through downtown and look at the buildings, it is amazing knowing why some buildings are one story, two story, three story.....

Lots of people......

Lots of great old buildings.

Then we drove to the other side of the river to what is called The River Walk.

These pics are out of order! We drove over this bridge to get there!

There is a moving Veteran's Plaza there with plaques that represent every war in the history of the US. The plaques started with the Spanish-American War and ended with Desert Storm.

The plaza is below. I actually cheated. The full view of the Delta King I posted in MD #1 was actually taken from this side of the river. It's the main reason we drove over there.

The following shots I took through the car window so I know they are not the best.

Wild building. It's a triangle.

Just liked this crazy sign.

Below the dome to the state capitol.

The Crocker Museum is featuring Fantasies and Fairy Tales by Maxfield Parrish. We are planning on going back on a day that is not so insane in the area.

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txpurplerose34 said...

Thanks for the great MD's tour of Old Sac and the River Walk; felt like being home. However, we have yet to see the River Walk; that's a place to go next time we stay. Love that old town. More hugs....