Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Entertaining Family and Friends

Sunday we had Theresa and Shawn over for dinner to celebrate Theresa's 39th birthday. (Where has the time gone?!) I baked a fresh cherry pie from Machato Orchards in Auburn for her birthday dessert and served it with vanilla bean ice cream. Theresa loves ice cream and cherries.

I made simple dinner of diced caprese salad, green salad using lettuce and Japanese cuc's from the shared garden, and some store-bought veggies, roasted garlic artisan bread and baked penne pasta alfredo with chicken. (The entree thanks to Costco's fresh made deli foods.)

It was a rare summer evening in our area when it was not too hot to eat outside. We enjoyed the setting as well as the food and each other.

Of course their is a birthday gift involved.

Theresa was happy with her gift cards and goodie from Bath and Body Works.

Monday I hosted the morning bunco group. Started with coffee cake, fresh fruit

and lots of coffee...........

For lunch afterwards, I made the exact things I did the night before celebrating Theresa's birthday. Made meal planning very easy for me, just buying the same ingredients for both. Worked out very well.

I glance at the food buffet.

I had forgotten all about dessert and thought of it that morning. I had these dark, ,milk and white chocolate dipped mini cream puffs in the freezer left from another time I entertained, so I used them. They have different flavored fillings. You can find these at Sam's. They are great for a party when you are having a buffet. They are delicious too.

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