Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fun Moments with Jacob

Jacob is a good eater and he has fun doing it. I hope when he gets older he will have as much passion about cooking food as he does eating it.

Feeding himself yogurt.

The green stuff on his nose is avocado.

Jen and I were saying "Cheeeeese." Here he is saying it himself. The sound was more like "ssssssssss." He thought it was quite funny.

He is quite the ham. There is a red light that goes on my camera when I it is going to snap a picture. He would stop, pose or laugh each time he saw the red light. I told him his Great Uncle Ronnie will have him starring in films in no time.

The yogurt on his face reminds me of a clowns make-up except it is light instead of red. He is such a character. (BTW, look at all those teeth!)

Have you ever seen anyone have so much fun eating yogurt?

Bath time. Jen made his hair all wild.

Jen and I thought he looked like the Doc in Back to the Future. Justin said he looked like the Dad in the movie The Hulk. All I can say is Jacob is one of the happiest little guys. Not only does he laugh a lot, he makes you laugh a lot when you are with him.

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Jen said...

Oh had me laughing so hard! I have to steal these pics and put on FB too. He doesn't do that with my camera...Just Gram-Gram's!!! Too funny! We sure enjoyed your visit!!!