Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nursery Update

Jen and John sent home a bouncer, walker and jumper for the baby that Jacob had outgrown so the first thing we did when we got back into town was drop them off at Theresa and Shawn's. Theresa had told me on the phone on the drive back that they had finished painting the room and that the dresser and crib were in there at this point. We couldn't wait to see it!

Shawn's sister Kim gave them this crib that her son and daughter used. I love that about it.

Theresa painted and decorated the dresser.

She also made the BABY letters. She had made a set for Jacob's nursery as well. They are adorable.

On top of the dresser she put this brown sticker of a Princess. Sorry it isn't a great pic but the sun was pouring in from the window above the dresser. The room is really coming together. It is fir for a magazine. As to Theresa herself, she is doing good but not great. Her feet remain swollen and she is feeling the weight of the baby, such as constant pressure n her bladder. Never fun. We are all so excited we count down to her due date in mid October.

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Jen said...

It looks beautiful! They have done a GREAT job!