Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Snapshots of Our Week

I still have all that Meyer lemon juice and zest in the freezer so to use a little of it I made Meyer Lemon Curd this week and shared a jar with Shawn and Theresa.

David picked me a peach form the few left on Theresa and Shawn's peach tree so I could try one. Very juicy and good flavored. A real treat.

Green peppers are starting to be ready in the garden. I did large dice and froze them to use in cooking and sauces down the line.

Shortcakes (aka Poopie) had to have his teeth cleaned yesterday. They were so bad, especially in the back that they were affecting the gums. Using anesthesia never thrills us, especially on older animals, but it had to be done.
He was very happy to be home after a full day at the Vet's. The booboo on his leg is where they put the IV. He hasn't eaten yet or been drinking and that concerns us. It seems to have taken a lot out of him. I think his teeth hurt too. Poor little big guy. He isn't himself at all.

This weekend Shawn started to paint the nursery. Two pretty shades of pink and a third one deeper shade will go between the two there now. Theresa will be stenciling something special through the deepest line of pink. I will have picture updates as things progress. We are so excited! They are creating a real princesses room.

Saw the family of turkeys Friday morning. Look how big the babies have grown! They were on Theresa's street as well as on ours that morning.

Our summer theater series started last week. We saw Thoroughly Modern Millie. A first for both David and I on stage. A musical filled with laughter which is always fun. A very talented cast of actors and singers. It was delightful from start to finish.

New candle light in my kitchen.

Beautiful tomatoes starting to make their way off the vines in our shared garden. This is a Paul Robeson. Very good.

Purple Cherokee heirloom tomatoes from the garden and another other type to make fresh sauce to go on fresh picked spaghetti squash from the garden.
Top with some grated Vella dry Monterey Jack cheese....oh yum!

Buon Appetito!

A Paul Robeson tomato sandwich. heart be still.

Made a veggie pizza one night.
Summer has been full so far with things at and away from home. I love being the age I am. I have learned to be still, enjoying the simple joys of every day living. Amazing treasures abound in my own backyard. Dorothy was right. There's no place like home!
Wishing you amazing treasure filled days from my home to yours.


Anonymous said...

That Paul Robeson tomato looks very interesting!

I may be canning a few tomatoes this week.

The first real picking went into a pot of chili!


D down the street.

Eileen and Stan said...

I'm so jealous of those tomatoes. They look delicious. Except for two squash plants, we've lost everything in our garden because of rain. The farmers are really hurting also. They can't get into their fields to cut hay. Too much rain!