Saturday, July 18, 2009

Willing to Get Involved

We came home from the theater Thursday to find an understandable stressed phone message from Theresa about a brush fire in the dry open field right next to her house. She wanted us to come and help control the fire until the fire department got there. However, like I said we were unfortuneatly not home. It was a terrifying experience for her to say the least. She happened to be home because she had worked all weekend. We are SO grateful to her neighbors who were observant and jumped immediately to alert Theresa to the danger to her home. Theresa and Shawn have plantation shutters on their windows and sliders and she had them all closed because of the very hot temp's we are having right now. Those same neighbors helped to keep the fire away from their house using hoses until the fire department got there with their truck and helicopter. Here is what the HOA sent to all of us in the community today regarding it. God bless these fast thinking and caring people who's willingness to get involved certainly saved damage to Theresa and Shawn's house.

On July 16, 2009, a brush fire broke out on (EDIT) in the open space, right next to (EDIT). The quick thinking of three concerned neighbors lead to the fire being kept from destroying the house. Neighbors came running from all directions with hoses to keep the fire adjacent to the home from encroaching on the lot. If you take a look at the area that burned, it came right up to the iron fence. One more foot and the lawn and shrubs would have been wiped out. This is a reminder to everyone to be on the lookout for fires all around the community. We were fortunate that we didn't lose any property or, more importantly, anyone's life. Keep a hose in your back and front yard hooked up to the faucet whenever possible. If keeping it attached will create a trip hazard, just leave the hose NEAR the faucet.

Get to know your neighbors. These brave women knew that the home that was in initial danger had at least one dog in it and that the owners were probably home. By banging on the door, they made the owners aware of the impending danger and gave them those few extra minutes that could have meant the difference between life or death. A very big THANK YOU to everyone who assisted in keeping the fire under control until the Fire Department got there. Once again, (EDIT) has proven that it is a GREAT place to live and that the PEOPLE are what make the difference!

The wrought iron fence you see here where the burnt area goes right up to is Theresa and Shawn's front yard. If it was not for the neighbors helping with hoses the fire would have taken the front yard for sure.

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Eileen and Stan said...

Thank God for good neighbors! Glad everyone is okay.