Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Justin's First Football Practice

The main purpose of our trip to see the kids this time was to be able to attend Justin's first 2 hour football practice Monday night. We were so excited to be there and Jus was excited to have us there.

They work them hard the first two weeks of practice. A lot of sprints, moves, exercises and stretching muscles.

Jus getting some help with a move.

Jacob wanted to go out there and play with his big brother too!

Justin after catching the football thrown to him while on the run and bringing it back in after running it down the field. Justin is a fast runner and was very good at catching the football. He wasn't afraid of it like a lot of the boys were and he even dived for some of the catches. The coaches were impressed. So were we. We may have a receiver in the family.
Justin throwing the ball to his teammates while they are on the run. This is also the time the coaches find out who is good at what to make their decisions to what position each of them will play.

Setting up positions to learn what each position is. Tuesday night practice there was also a parents meeting, so Granddad and I stayed home with Jacob and I prepared dinner. It was preceious time spent alone with him.

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Jen said...

You got much better pictures then I was able to! I'll have to send people to your blog to see them :-) Hee!