Saturday, July 18, 2009

This Week's Musical

Thursday we saw Alter Boyz at Music Circus. It was a fun-filled 1 1/2 hours (no intermission) of song, dance and a great message. David and I felt uplifted and wonderful when we left the theater as I am sure every one else there did from the enthusiastic standing ovation that was given. There is audience participation which is always fun. The stars of this show, five male actors have an abundance of acting, singing and dancing talent. I read the strangest letter by a reader in the paper this morning. The person found the musical offensive and not funny at all. He said the audience barely laughed, so I am wondering if he saw the same musical we did. He certainly wasn't at the same matinee performance we attended. He called the characters cliche and offensive as well. (One is gay, one Hispanic, one Jewish........) I feel it is a musical with an important uplifting message and presented in a very creative and fun-filled way. Every one I know personally who has seen it loved it as well. I definitely recommend it.


Sarah said...

sounds like a great play!

Ron said...

The critic found it offensive?? That was odd. I was afraid it might be at first, but found it to be far from offensive. Another bored critic with no heart.