Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Surprise Visit!

Jen , John Justin and Jacob made a surprise visit to see us earlier today on their way to Grandma Hoekman's to celebrate her 89 birthday over lunch. What a wonderful surprise! I am still smiling.
Jacob would crawl up the stairs and then want help to walk down them.

We just can';t get over him walking and doing so many new bigger boy things.

My two very handsome grandsons. I love how tan Justin is from swimming so much this summer, playing outside and helping his Dad work on the new sprinkler system and lawn.

The bro's hanging and chillin together. I love how Jacob adores his older brother and how much care and love Justin has for Jacob and shows it.

Jen and John look great. Jen's hair is getting long, I love it!

Me and Jacob. I can just eat him up!

Me and Jen. Yes, I got a different hair cut again this week. When the kids came I had just put some gel in it, so I quickly blow dried it without going back with a curling iron which I normally do. I actually don;t mind it like this and it took all of 2 minutes. I have such thick hair and it retains water, so with longer cuts I have been sporting up until now it usually takes me a long time to get my hair dry and just as long a time putting curl back in it and styling it. This razor cut is a dream care-wise. I like that I can get a bit funky with it too if I want.

Jacob was having a snack of Jr. cinnamon graham crackers while I got to sneak in hugs and kisses. I miss them already.


Anonymous said...

LOVE your hair cut!



(Cute kids too... all of them)


D. Down the street

Jen said...

You guys got some great shots! We had such a great time surprising you!!