Thursday, June 25, 2009

Father's Day at Theresa and Shawn's House

The baby wild turkeys and their parents next to Theresa and Shawn's house. These were born in their backyard. Remember the day i wrote about with the turkey whimpering and trying to get out of their yard when David and I went by? Well she was actually panicing and trying to protect her babies from us!

Plums from the garden. These are so sweet and juicy. Wonderful flavor. These truely are excellent plums.

More Japanese cucumbers from the shared garden. Very good and there are so many of them on the plants.

The Dad's chilling....David and Shawn.

Salad made with lettuce from the garden as well as Japanese cuc's. Soon we will have tomatoes to add from the garden as well.

Theresa baked David his favorite for dessert - darl chocolate brownies.

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