Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun in the Sun - Jacob

Jacob loves to swing, so he and I went to swing while Justin was swimming in the big pool.

I swear the higher you push him the more he loves it!

Lots og laughing was going opn. Jacob's laugh is infectious.

Jacob went into the wading pool for the very first time on Tuesday. he loved it though he wasn't crazy about having his head put under the water too much. Here he is getting slathered with sunscreen. he is wearing the cutest teddy bear bathing suit that was his cousin Steven's before. Too cute! (Yes, I do have a new do.)

Checking things out.

Oh this is lots of fun Mommy!

I can even walk in the water too!

And get splashed.

Splashing can be fun!

Daddy helping me float for the first time. Wow! You would have thought!

I had enough for one day, thank you. I hope we can come again soon!

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