Thursday, June 25, 2009

Garden Happenings - Time For Lilies

The lilies are all in bloom in our garden. Above is a light pink Calla Lilly.

The newest lily addition to our garden is this hot pink Asiatic Lily. The flowers are so large and colorful. I love it.

A deep pink Calla lily.

Hot pink Canna Lily.

Yellow day lily.

Soft peach day lily.

Love this color day lily. Magenta???

Yellow with orange canna lily. Not the best specimen but you get the idea.

Ok, this isn't a lily, however there is what must be a white blooming weed that had grown in the center of our red carpet roses. This plant is a good five feet high. It gives the illusion of baby's breath in with the roses. That reminds me, after 7 or so years, we lost our soft pink baby's breath this year. I haven;t been able to find any to replace it with as of yet. All I am finding is the traditional white.

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