Monday, June 8, 2009

Recent Happenings

We have been crazy busy lately. All with fun things, but it is amazing how exhausting fun can be! I have been lacking in taking out my camera and snapping pictures; enjoying myself too much to think about it I suppose.

We went to champagne brunch a week ago Sunday At The Riverfront Restaurant in Rio Vista on the Delta with 40 plus people from the Newcomer's Club. Great company and atmosphere. Not only enjoy the time at the restaurant but the drive there.

I hosted both Mexican Train and Hand and Foot groups last week. That meant making a variety of munchies and a few desserts. I made some long time standards and tried a few new things(nope, not even pictures of food!). They were good, very simple to prepare, not healthy, and I will share recipes.

We went wine tasting in Sonoma and Kenwood last Wednesday with our group of friends that enjoy tasting together. The weather was sunny and mild, but a bit windy as the day progressed. I had my camera with me yet never thought to take it out and snap pictures. We went to Schug, Robledo, Mayo and VJB wineries. We tasted and purchased outstanding cheese at Vella's Cheese Factory and had lunch at Mary's Pizza Shack in Boyes Hot Springs. Still the best pizza around. I indulged and split a small Toto's combo with Barbara. With every bite I thought of my Dad. He loved Toto's combo as much as I do. Lots of great family memories were made there at Mary's over the years.

The above Dragon Fly has been enjoying sitting a top this bamboo stake for long periods of time over the past week or so in our garden. My neighbor snapped of picture of what we believe to be the same Dragon Fly in here garden down the street. He's a rust colored beauty.

Saturday we went to see the stage production of The Lion King, the last of pour winter Broadway series. It is a rarity that I see something that I want to see again, and again, but I do this production. Disney Theater Productions do not disappoint. It is a spectacular show! The costumes alone are awesome and amazing. If you have the opportunity, take your kids, take your grandkids, take yourselves!

Above is the start of a tiny little navel orange from the tree we planted in a large pot on our patio in the last year. This looks like the only orange that survived from the blossoms we had on the tree. We are hoping it continues to grow and remain healthy.

A Mexican lime in the garden. There are lots of limes this year. I am excited about that.
One of the Asiatic lilies in the garden. Love the deep rust color of this one.

The artichokes have been amazing - huge and tender and reasonably priced.

Fresh herbs and Meyer lemon from our garden. I was ready to stuff it all in the cavity of a whole chicken with a halved head of garlic to roast in the oven.

Friday morning trips to the local Farmer's Market continue. These little carrots were delicious.

The berries so ripe and juicy. Unbeatable.

The bowl above was one of my mother's that she had forever. I still love using it.

This was a new find for me the Friday before last. A Yellow Doll watermelon. It is bright yellow with black seeds as you can see. It is sweeter and juicier than any watermelon I have ever tasted. David is not fond of watermelon but he enjoyed this one. Our neighbor down the street received one in her produce box this week and gave it to us since she does not like watermelon. What a treat, thanks Deborah! I can eat this every day.
Life is what I make it, and I am having fun!

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Jen said...

Looks like you had a fun week! The fruit looks soooo good!