Monday, June 15, 2009

Let's Start the Summer Off Right Party

Saturday we had friends and some family to a pot-luck summer party. The weather was iffy that day, clouds taking the sun away and threats of rain showers. However it stayed dried, the sun ended up staying out and though a bit humid, it was perfect with a breeze so we were able to utilize the patio as well as we had hoped to.

I set up tables in the dining room and the patio so there was a place for everyone to sit and eat if they cared to. It was a casual affair, and we had a self-serve bar set up in the kitchen, an ice chest with beer, sodas and water on the patio, and the food was placed out on the kitchen island.

Of course once the party started I only took 2 pictures. I just stay too busy as does David. I have to remember to ask friends to snap some pictures with our camera.

Our contributions outside of the drinks were for the appetizer table hot Philly Chili dip with tortilla scoops, stuffed eggs and shrimp with cocktail sauce. There was a great array of appetizers for the buffet; hot jalapeno and artichoke dip with sliced baguette and a veggie tray by Kelli, cheeses and crackers by Sue and Rose, hot artichoke and cheese dip with tortilla chips by Lindsay. Phyllis actually made homemade Italian sausage (yes you read that right) and then placed pieces in puff pastry and baked them. Amazingly delicious. She is giving me her recipe. She is a fabulous Italian cook and woman.

For the dinner buffet our contributions were rotisserie chickens (instead of doing them on our outdoor grill myself like I often do, we bought them at Costco. Can't beat the taste or the price), French bread, and Famous Dave's BBQ Beans. The dishes to go with were all delicious and brought by our guests; a gourmet style homemade potato salad by Fran, fruit salad with Malibu rum by Barbara, coleslaw with the best dressing by Ednamay, bean salad by Angie and Verona's awesome Jell-O and ice cream salad made by Averill. There were dinner rolls and butter too.

Foe dessert Carol brought trays of wonderful cookies and mini muffins. Karen brought trays of small frosted cupcakes. We were not lacking food!

Most people sat outside and visited around the two tables and the benches near them.

It's always a wonderful time for David and I when we spend time with friends and family. This was such a causal day which made it even nicer.

From the right we have Ralph, Karen, Bob, Dale and Bill.

After the sun went down and it was getting a little cool people came indoors. David had the AC on because with the slider open and the humidity it was warm in the house for a while. He forgot about it though, and by this time it was getting cold in the house. Here's Dale, with Ednamay and Carol huddled under the throw on the couch. A fitting end to a fun time I think.

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Looks like a great party!!!