Saturday, September 26, 2009

Afternoon at Lancaster Estate Winery

There was a special event at Lancaster Estate Winery today as a thankyou to their club members. It was very hot, very beautiful, and as always a delightful time. The smell of the crush was in the air. They actually did some crushing early that morning, and then cleaned the same area up to throw this fabulous party.

Tastings were in the wine cave.

Not that good legs on the glass are really all that important, but look at these. Beautiful.

They served paella and roasted pig. There were also cheeses with bread and crackers and ice water with lemon or cucumber water.

Serving up the roasted pig. It was so good - very tender and moist. Great flavor.

The vegetarian paella.

The more traditional paella with shrimp, clams, mussels, chunks of boneless chicken, sausage slices and vegetables.
My plate with both versions of paella and roasted pig.
David and others enjoying the great food and listening to the band which was a floor below. (People at railing are looking down at them.) It was such a lovely afternoon, though hot - very close to 100 degrees. Thank goodness the wine cave is cool, however it also echoed inside so the sound of so many voices was deafening.


Sarah said...

Looks like a great day with good food & wine!

Jen said...

How fun! I bet it was much cooler in the wine cave! What a fun place to taste! Looks like it was fabulous!