Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sweet Callie Rose

It was planned for me to go with Theresa this afternoon to see Callie Rose. I have had allergy/sinus troubles the last few days and today I woke with a sore throat so of course I did not go. As disappointed as I was to miss seeing her, I am really glad that David went with Theresa. He took these great shots while they were visiting with Callie.

Mommy and daughter in the rocking chair.

Who's that over there? Is that you Grandad?

Hi Mommy, I love you.

Too sweet.

Theresa got to feed Callie a bottle for the first time today. The thing is keeping Callie awake long enough to drink the whole thing!

She is so cute all dressed up in pink. I love the glowing foot. ET call home.

Simon says put your arms up above your head.

Is it nap time now?

Happy and content, that's our sweet Callie Rose.

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