Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wine Country Sights on the Way to Lancaster Estate Winery Today

The smell of crush was in the air in so many areas of the wine country today. You could tell what areas had a winery or more crush grapes that morning. I love that smell in the air!
I can easily envision the wine maker walking through the rows of grapes in the vineyards very early in the morning, tasting, tasting, tasting.....knowing which grapes if any are now ready and need to be picked and crushed that morning. Exciting time in the wine country.

Moving down the highway......

Gotta love Dean and DeLuca's.


Jen said...

Loved all the great pictures! Merryvale...brings back AVS memories :-) Their Starmont Chard used to be delicious!

Jen said...

Oops...and BV....K101 trip!! Love it!