Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun In The Sky

The annual Mather Air Show is this weekend and the Thunderbirds and others have been practicing and playing over our neighborhood the past two days preparing for the show.

Above the green shutter is our house and the tile roof is our next door neighbors. The F-22 Raptor was flying so low you could see the fire from the jets. (Left clock on the picture to see bigger view.) Awesome!
The Thunderbirds flying in formation. The noise, the speed, the stunts - so much excitement and we have the best seats in the house right in our own hood. Big fun!


AmericanKnitter said...

Nice shots!

I love it when the planes are here every year.

That gray loud one is just amazing!

It made all the alarms go off.


Is Callie able to nurse yet?
Are they trying?

Sarah said...

I love those air shows!

The kids & I went a few years ago. I need to keep a look out for one this winter.

Diane said...

Yes, D they are making progress with breast feeding. Callie eats more with the bottle because it flows easier so she keeps drinking if she falls asleep. Breast feeding is harder and if she falls alseep she stops eating. Theresa wants to make sure she eats all she can right now so she gains weight to be able to come home the beginning of next week! Sarah - I agree the air shows are big fun. We look forward to them coming each year. We really enjoy their practicing and playing the few days before almost more than the show. There is an open field that over looks the runway of the airport where people in the neighborhood congregate and watch the show. We have watched the whole thing some years, but most years we go out late afternoon in time to see the Thunderbirds and Blue angels do their show which of course is always the last of the day. They really are awesome.