Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Special Moment with Callie

Theresa and Shawn called this afternoon to see if we would like to come over and feed Callie. Of course we said yes! David and I enjoyed the time with all of them.

Callie's travel bed, which has a changing area and a small bed area. besides the large crib/playpen area. This will work great at Grandma Carolyn's house when she takes care of Callie when Theresa and Shawn head back to work. That's a while from now though.

Callie is one tiny little bundle of adorableness! Theresa and Shawn are doing very well and working at setting a routine. They take turns with feedings during the night so each of them can get some sleep.

Callie gobbled down the bottle for a while and then fell back to sleep before finishing it all. She never did wake back up to finish it. Theresa and Shawn think she was tired from her trip to see her doctor this morning, which of course disrupted her sleep routine. The doctor said she is doing fine and gained another 3 ounces. She is also 19 inches long now as well.

She is our precious little girl. (Who slept on my shoulder instead of burping.)

How sweet is she? We are so thankful that she is home and doing so well.

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Jen said...

She is so adorable! I am so glad to see pictures and hear that you got to go over and feed her!