Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fun with Callie and Theresa

Callie had to wait for her bottle of breast milk to warm up and she was hungry. She was so funny making faces and simulating sucking on a bottle with her mouth. Theresa and I couldn't help but laugh. She is just too cute.

I love this one.

One o the things she was doing while waiting for her bottle.

Sucking - hee.

Come on all ready!

I'm hungry Mommy!

Ah finally!

This is out of order. This was another face she made while waiting to eat. She reminds me of Popeye in this one! :-))

Full, happy and a big burp!

Ah, much better.

Bye, thanks for coming.......

Back to sleep with a full tummy.


Sarah said...

Great photos!

I love the one of you with Callie.

txpurplerose34 said...

Definitely fun for all three of you. Callie IS an expressive one; the love and smiles radiated all the way to Texas. You just look so happy to be holding her. I love you all. Great Auntie Vaden