Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Life with the Readings

Callie is doing so well and gaining weight - she now weighs in at 5 lbs 6 oz! She is doing well with the bottle feeding and making progress with breast feeding. The nurses last night were going to try and feed her a bottle at the midnight and 3 Am feeding instead of using feeding tube because they feel she is ready for it. When she is taking in all her food by bottle and breast they will take the feeding tube out. I hope and pray (and from the way things look) that won't be long now. Then she will be much closer to coming home!

Daddy Shawn and Callie. I love the wonderment, pride and love on his face.

Last night was bath time! Callie enjoys her bath and does funny things with her arms and has lots of fun. Theresa and Shawn love this special time with her. She is quite a character our little one.
Daddy washing Callie's hair while Mommy holds her over the tub.

Below is the gift we gave Callie when she was born. I found it in a collector's shop while at The Silver Legacy last month with Cathy F. It is a night light and a music box as well. Not only does it fit Callie's nursery theme, but the real thought to the gift is that the fairy Godmothers represent Kathy S, me and Cathy F always looking over Callie Rose and being there for her.

Theresa and Shawn have completed their movie room. Shawn got his TV, the Blue Ray is hooked up, and curtains are hung to block out the light form the living room and dining room area. The curtains are about a perfect color match to the color paint on the walls. We look forward to seeing many movies with the kids here.

Very, very cool!

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