Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Passionate Dream Becomes A Reality

I have started a new blog titled "Un Saludo a las Cucinas de Italia - A Salute to the Kitchens of Italy" as a tribute to my Nana Maria Rita Bianco Gonella and to my mother Josephine Gonella Hines as well. Nana passed when I was 7 years old so I did not learn in her kitchen. Like most people in her day she did not write down her recipes or secrets. I have read, researched, cooked and created over the years trying to recreate the aromas and tastes of Nana's Northern Italian kitchen in San Francisco all those years ago. In my late 50's and retirement I have more time for this passion and have started a blog logging the recipes, tips an d secrets I have learned, a little information of regions of Italy and the memories I hold in my heart. If you are interested in viewing this blog, there is a link to the right under "Blog I Enjoy." Buon Appetito!


Ron said...

I need to bookmark this location.

Diane said...