Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kitchen Moments This Week

I spent a lot of the week in the kitchen preserving foods which I adore doing. Above is one of the two batches of plum jam I made and canned. I love how the light from the kitchen window is shinning through some of the jars.

I also put up 1 batch of sliced red onions in white wine vinegar and 2 batches of red onion wedges in red wine vinegar.

Made this sauce for dinner one evening - meat sauce with veal and cream. Lovely.

Tried this new recipe for a pumpkin-zucchini bread which was not good. It has a lot of melted butter in it which actually weighed down the bread I feel. Though moist it is also dense and didn't rise much at all. I didn't like the texture of the crust which was tough. This is not a keeper. I love the concept of the pumpkin and zucchini though and will try other recipes or try and create my own over time.
A few people have emailed me and asked how I skim the foam off my jams. I find using a paper towel (sometimes you have to do it 2 or 3 times with new clean paper towels) and gently pressing it to the surface of the hot jam, making sure to press gently around the edges. This works the best for me. Simple, quick, and not messy. Just pick up all 4 corners of the towel when removing from jam surface and drop right into your garbage which I have next to me on the floor.

I made another batch of peach jam this week as well as a batch of plum rum conserve. (I'll be posting the recipe for the plum rum conserves soon.) The plums are all from Theresa and Shawn's yard. The peaches I picked up at Costco which are Autumn Gold.

Dinner last night was a chicken dish that is in our normal menu rotation. It's a favorite of mine - boneless skinless chicken breast cooked in a foil packet topped with pesto, sliced zucchini, chopped tomatoes, green onions (tomatoes and onions from shared vegetable garden) baked in the oven. I make the packets up in the afternoon and refrigerate them until time to bake. Some steamed brown rice and a delicious dinner is on the table without much effort.

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