Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday, Cabella's and Home

Jen, John, Justin and Jacob gave me the new Chris Issak CD for my birthday. It is his first new studio album in 7 years! I am listening to it at this moment actually and loving every song. They know me so well! I love Chris Issak!

They also had this license plate holder made for me. I can't wait to get it on my car! Yep, I got teary eyed when I opened these gifts.

The old carousel from Atlantic City is in the Fun Center where kids are welcomed at Boomtown. We were given free tickets to ride it when we got out club cards so the last morning we took a spin. It's a small carousel compared to the one at Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I never get too old to ride a carousel.

There is a huge Cabella's Outfitters (World's largest) next to Boomtown. Jen and John told us we needed to roam through the store so we did the last morning before heading home. They have very large displays of taxidermy animals both wild kingdom and domestic types to look at. I want to know how one "stuffs" an elephant?! Everyone who knows me doesn't have to hear me say I would much prefer to see these animals alive in a zoo or roaming free, however the one thing about this is that you can get very close to really see what they are like.

More of the animals in the wild kingdom display.

Can you imagine being the taxidermist on these animals? Of course this is most likely a n exciting challenge for them.

We couldn't get over the size of this animal. 1,200 to 1,500 pounds and at least 6 feet tall. I believe it is an eland. Standing in front of it you are blown away by it's size.

That's David back there looking at the Rhino.

Standing here it felt like it was going to charge me.

Now we are at the domestic animal display. Look at the antlers on this moose! They look like thick wood.

And these. They curl all the way down his sides!

A polar bear.

Howling wolves.

More wild antlers.

Another reason I do not kill anything. For those of you who tell me that if they were not hunted there would be too many and it would cause terrible problems for the deer, well.....someone else will have to kill them because it will never be me or the majority of my close friends who also have gentle souls and are respectful of all living things.

These displays are set up in different areas of the huge store. This is the domestic animal display. Outside of these displays and other, including a huge aquarium with trout and other local type fish one "catches" there is every type of outdoor thing, shot guns, tents, outdoor clothing for hunting, fishing, hiking, etc, and some pretty cute clothing as well, home goods, homemade fudge, jerky, candies, dry rubs, sausage making kits, smokers to name a few things............David and I picked up a few articles of clothing. I have to admit when I finally made my way through all of this store I felt ready to pack a shot gun and go to the shooting range near out house and give it a shot. (Pun intended.) If I ever do, I can guarantee you a target is the only thing I will ever shoot at.
Having heard the story just recently of the toddler who was shot in the head multiple times with a BB gun and was in serious condition in Oakland, CA troubles me. I hope Justin is beyond cautious and smart regarding his BB gun and pistol and keeps them locked away and out of reach of smaller/other children. He is well learned of using them and the dangers however everyone is not. Terrible accidents do happen with guns in the house. Even BB guns.

Once home the first thing I noticed in the garden is that one of our Mexican lime trees is in full bloom. I love spring time!

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