Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Garden Related Afternoon with Theresa and Shawn

Theresa and I made a trip out to Capitol Nursery yesterday to look for a few more tomato plants and fruit trees. We kept saying we were going to have someone take a picture of us out there together but we never did. We had a lot of fun deciding on what to add to the garden next. We ended up buying 4 more tomato plants, and she bought a Washington Navel Orange and I bought a Clementine Mandarin both for the shared garden at her house. Afterwards we went to OSH where she picked up wire cages for the tomato and Japanese cucumber plants and I bought David a new watering wand. We had 4 chages at our house to add to the mix.

The raised bed above is filled with seeds. There are a total of 4 rasied beds this size.

Above are Orange, yellow and green bell peppers and Japanese Cucumbers.

Some of the rose bushes that were in their yard when they purchased the house. They all have turned out to be gorgeous roses.

A springtime surprise in their garden; Iris popped up.
Hula tuckered out and trying to stay cool on the hot day.

Theresa planting Italian gourmet radish seeds.

Shawn had just finished mowing the back and weed whacking the edges.

Shawn is planting one of my very favorite tomatoes, Purple Cherokee. I can;t wait to bite into one of these!

Theresa is in the back there planting lettuce seeds: Iceberg, Romaine and Loose Leaf. Shawn is continuing to plant tomato and squash plants.

Here is Shawn planting the spaghetti squash. I love this stuff topped with marinara sauce.

I learned a lot of tips from Shawn on the proper way to plant tomatoes to get the best root growth.

One of the radish seed packets. We also planted Crimson Giants. Other seeds that went into the ground are 1/2 long narrow carrots and Danvers half long carrots, and green onions.

Theresa and Shawn cutting the tubing to add to the drip system. It doesn't look like it from the pictures but I did help Shawn with this. When you are the photographer you usually do not end up in any pictures!
Running the drippers out to the newly planted veggies.

The last thing the three of us did was put the cages in the ground around the tomatoes and Japanese cuc's. David and I had 4 at home that he ran over there after I returned home. It was a fun-filled afternoon. Here is a list of other things in our garden: Tomatoes: Cherokee Purple, Pineapple, Beefmaster, Green Grape, Black Prince, Paul Robeson, Big Rainbow, Black Krim, Black Russian, Golden Jubilees, Pearson, Watermelon Beefsteak and San Marzano Roma. Moat of our tomatoes are Heirloom. Other things I have not mentioned yet: 2 watermelon plants; one regular and one Sugar Baby, 1 zucchini plant and 2 poblano chile plants.

When I am there next I will snap pictures of the citrus trees Theresa and I bought and the other fruit trees they have in the garden that were there when they bought the house. As far as we all can tell there are nectarines, apricots, pears, plums and I believe peaches. I also noticed another citrus but until it bears fruit we will not know what it is. It does not have thorns.


Sarah said...

Looks like a great weekend in the garden, yours and theirs!!!

txpurplerose34 said...

Dandy gardens and gardeners. I was thinking today that my mother's love of gardening skipped over me -- maybe it's just that I never had the place or the time -- but landed solidly on David and Theresa. Y'all are sharing some wonderful kinds of "growing experiences" right now. Love to all, Auntie Vaden

Deb said...

Wow! What a fabulous garden!! What a fantastic harvest you all will reap. Hula is cute :) Not that the rest of you aren't.