Monday, April 20, 2009

Mind-Body Sisterhood

Tonight the Mind-Body Sisterhood got together for dinner to catch up with one another at The Sheepherders Inn. Simply, we shared ourselves in a small class a few years ago that bond us together in a very special way. We do not get together often enough as we say each time we are together. Our goal is to get together once a month.

From the left front that's Karen, me, Ginger and Julie.

In case there is any confusion: Karen, Ginger, Me, Julie
Our waiter tonight Matt, was terrific. He not only served us, helped us, gave us space and entertained us but he also became our photographer. These are truly wonderful women and I know we are all blessed to have one another in our lives.

Okay Julie this picture is for you. You know why. :-) Love you ladies!

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Deb said...

It's nice to see the other ladies in the "Sisterhood" and I think it's great that you get together and keep in touch!