Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jacob's 1st Birthday - Time for Presents & Cupcake

Fun opening presents with Mommy.

Hey, this area rug is fun to play with.

Vino Bambino t-shirt from me and Grandaddy.

Who knew cards could be so much fun!

hmmmm, what's over here?

Fun with Kristy and Jack-in-the-box.

Yay birthday cupcake!

mmmmm chocolate. I haven't had this before.


Yes I do like it!

Yep I like it a lot!
This is the best birthday cupcake cake ever! Thanks Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy may I have another cupcake please?

The party animals - Grandpa Bob and Grandma Linda. (Mommy I will eat my birthday hat if you don't give me another cupcake!) Boy this birthday stuff is fun!

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