Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Other Happenings

Jen and John gave us their 2-night free deal at Boomtown Hotel and Casino which is where we stayed this. They have recently remodeled the rooms and casino and it is very nice.

I loved the color they used in the bathroom. It was a deep rust color. I'd love this as an accent wall color in a few of the rooms in my house.

We also liked the sink set up, especially for a hotel room. The whole bathroom had a warm and pampered feel to it.
A very well designed and organized coffee/tea, fridge and cabinet area.

The headboard was elegant and the mattress the most comfortable we have ever slept on. I looked for the brand and type so I can buy one for my bed at home. I am not kidding.

We took a drive to Reno one morning to check out Macy's at the Mall there since I have a lot of $25.00 certificates I have earned using my Macy's Visa card. I took some scenery shots out the van windows on the way.

There's some of the casinos in Reno.

We got lost. David checking out a map in a strip mall parking lot. Would he go in a store and ask someone for directions? Nope!

Finally we found the mall. We knew we were so close, but we seemed to be going all around it but never seeing it. All that and we didn't find a thing at Macy's we wanted.

Driving from Reno to Truckee to spend some more time with the kids.

Jacob was showing off for me; crawling at a fast pace all around, stopping every so often to look at me and smile for a picture. He really is the picture hound. He poses. Too cute.

Playing with a fun toy Grandma Linda found him at the local hospice thrift store.

There's another one of those stops and poses!

And another.......he was laughing because I was.

Here we go again....too cute.

Just one more Gram-Gram!

Jacob loves the vacuum cleaner. He likes to follow Jen around when she is vacuuming.

Justin came home from school and he was eating a couple of Pop-Tarts. Jacob wanted to have what brother was eating so Justin gave him a little piece. Justin called what is oozing from Jacob's mouth Pop-Tart drool. He made us all laugh.

There's Justin and Jacob chomping away on the Pop-Tarts.

One of The Bionicles Grandad and I gave Justin for his birthday. They are Lego sets and he puts them together. They are pretty rad!

Here's one of the new ones he got from us which came with a bonus the little scorpion thing. The white one he got from Santa at Christmas. he didn't have time to put the other together we got him while we were there that afternoon. Hopefully he brings it with him when he comes to visit us this weekend so we can see it put together.

Jus with the scorpion one on his head.

Jen and Jus feeding the geese in the back off their deck.

There's Fred and Ethel, George and Jo, Ricky and Lucy....I do not know the other ones names as of yet. John ended up feeding them leftover sushi from Jacob's party as well. They loved it as much as the bread!

Jacob zooms all over the deck in his walker. he has a blast out there. It's such a great place to be. a great extension of their house. We headed back to the hotel in the early evening. We had a very nice dinner at Cassidy's Steak House at the Hotel and Casino. We all ate there together the night before as well. Their fish special; blue grouper with beurre blanc sauce was wonderful. Their prime rib is out of this world as well, and Justin and Diane loved the scampi. John had the salmon with a mustard sauce which he raved about. A very nice restaurant. The other restaurant in the hotel/casino is more casual. We had breakfast there a couple of mornings and they do an excellent job. One morning I had their veggie Benedict which I am still raving about. Toasted English muffin halves topped with sliced tomato, cooked fresh spinach and slices of avocado and hollandaise sauce. On top of that perfectly poached eggs. I still can;t get over how beautifully the weggs were prepared. It was served with quartered small red potatoes sauteed with herbs and butter. I couldn't eat them let alone all the veggie Benedict. I will be making this dish at home for special occasions. And even some not so special occasions.

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Erin said...

What a great visit. I love the name of the geese!