Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Day

Jacob loved the Easter eggs the Easter Bunny hid. He threw them around like his play balls. He was fascinated that they would crack. Then he discovered if he squeezed them in his hand they would crack and mush. So cute!

Jus hunting for eggs, candy and toys.

The Easter Bunny also left him some stuff to use in the swimming pool this summer.

Chilling and looking at all the goodies the Easter Bunny left.

Granddaddy wearing Jacob's Easter basket. If you pressed his foot it played the chi ken dance. Reminded me of my Dad!

We took a walk to the park near out house. Jacob loves to swing.

Jus climbed the tree to sit in it.

Jen and Jaocb going down one of the many slides.

John and Jus using the metal detector to see what they could find.

Jacob munching on a treat at a picnic table in the shade after all that swinging and sliding

Corned beef and cabbage and all the trimmings cooking. Yep, very different for Easter dinner but we all love it, so we decided to for go the traditional leg of lamb this year.

One of the dessert options; rainbow sherbet in a parfait glass. Make a hole in the middle of the sherbet. Fill with raspberry-flavored champagne. You can also use lemon, fill hole with creme de menthe and top with asti spumonte. Another fun one is rainbow with cointreau in the hole and topped with asti spumonte or prosecco. Lots of combination to try. The other dessert which I forgot to take a pic of was the same glasses with layers of broken up dark chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice cream and dark chocolate syrup topped with whipped cream. They looked nice and the people who had those raved about it being chocolate overload. Every dark chocolate lovers dream.

Jacob with Auntie Theresa.



txpurplerose34 said...

Beautiful day -- both home and in the park. Good food and drinks, too. I discovered lemoncello on the Med cruise; it's good. Happy family time. Love, Vaden

Erin said...

What a fun day. Ooooo...yummy, the dinner and desserts sounded scrumptuous.