Sunday, April 19, 2009

Views From the Front Yard

The front yard is coming to life as well now that spring has sprung. Below is a miniature rose that didn't grow at all last year. It really took off this year. There are still 2 others planted next to this one that are almost as small as when I planted them.

Asiatic lilies that my dear friend Donna gave me for my birthday quite a few years ago. Each spring the bulbs come up and bloom again, always reminding me of our long-standing friendship.

The coral climbing rose is doing well again this spring.

The bird bath and stone benches under the oak tree in front of the house.
We planted this long row of yellow carpet roses a few years ago. They are finally starting to grow together in the long hedge of rose bushes we had hoped for.

Front side of the yard.
The rosemary, bushes and crape myrtle tree were planted by the builders. I would like to remove the bushes and plant more crawling rosemary so it becomes one patch of rosemary in that area of the front.

Some of the azaleas growing in the flower bed in front of the porch. It's hard to get things to grow in this area because of the very old oak tree that is in the front.

Another azalea. Donna also sent me one of these. The front garden is filled with reminders of my friend.

and one more......

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